How to Correct Snow Plow Damage to Your Lawn.

Locate Nearby residential contractors - Ask And Expert - DIY Message Board - It has great recuperative qualities. As I have always stated, turfgrasses are amazing plants and can survive even when subjected to any number of adversities. Bluegrass, as well as Bermudagrass, have small swellings on their roots called nodes. These nodes are growth points that will regenerate new grass when the surface plants have been removed, as long as the area receives adequate water. The other advantage is that the grass growing in this area is mainly Bluegrass. The area may need some reseeding in the spring, but it will probably recover on its own now that the turf has been replaced. ..More

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Deep Root Feeding Your Trees and Shrubs in Fall

List Of residential contractors - Repair Service blogspot - inspections, maintenance, replacements & upgrades - The roots will absorb a good deal of the fertilizer that is applied at that time. To make sure you apply an adequate amount of fertilizer to each plant, you should make the injections in a grid pattern. What fertilizer is left will be available for the plant the following spring. Deep root feeding is best accomplished by injecting a fertilizer solution into the top 3 to 9 inches of soil around the base of the tree. Tree and shrub roots will continue to grow into winter. As long as the ground is not frozen, there is still time to root feed your trees and shrubs with fertilizer injections. ..More

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Helpful Hints for Choosing New Plants This Spring

Directory listing of professional contractors - Diagnosis & Repair Blogs - The ones that seem to do the best in my landscape are hostas and astilbes. A In my own yard, it is very shady, so I pass by the ones that have the little sun icon and look for ones that have either the partial sun or all clouds icons. For those of you who receive a plant catalog or seed catalog every year make sure to keep in mind the growing conditions where you are going to put the new plants. ..More

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All About Ash Flower Gall Mites

Directory Of commercial contractors - Repair Repairman - Forum Pages - These mites can also cause leaves to distort as well. Ash mites are too small to see without a hand lens or even a microscope. They are worm-shaped and spend the winter under the buds of the new leaves and flowers and begin feeding in the spring. A tiny eriophyid mite causes the male flowers to develop A½ to 1 inch diameter tumor-like growths, which are the galls. Ash flower galls are abnormal growths that are caused by insects, mites or plant diseases. ..More

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Can I Prune Trees in the Winter?

Locate commercial contractors - Repair issues related conversations - This may result in wood- decaying fungi invading the tree in the future. . Plus, the wound made by the cut will not heal properly ..More

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