Tall Fescue Lawn Care

Listings Of contractors - Service Contractor Forums - The third thing I suggest is to core aerate your lawn by using a machine called a core aerator. These are available to rent at many hardware stores, rental agencies and home improvement centers. Your lawn does need to be moist to allow the core aerator tines to penetrate into the soil, so try to schedule this for a day after you water or, hopefully, after it rains. A core aerator, as it is runs across your turf, will take out cores of soil and thatch and leave them back on the top of the lawn. The microorganisms in the soil will work to break down the thatch. You can also employ a certified professional to do the service for you. This will open up your lawn to allow more air, water and nutrients to reach the root zone. . The cores that remain on the lawn will break down with normal irrigation and melt back into the lawn ..More

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Can I Prune Trees in the Winter?

Directory Of licensed contractors - Helpful Links - Repair, Maintenance & installation - This may be a good winter to do some tree pruning, especially if the weather stays mild. Winter is not the time you want to try to shape hedges, even evergreens, but you can correct a number of problems that may not be as visible during the growing season when deciduous plants are covered with leaves. ..More

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Feeding Birds in Winter: Tips to Feed Our Feathered Friends

Directory Listing Of commercial contractors - Residential Blog Faqs - . Check out some of our other winter lawn care posts here. In addition to putting seed out for the birds, it's not too late to start thinking about other winter lawn care ideas, which will help you get a head-start on spring ..More

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All About Ash Flower Gall Mites

Service Expert commercial contractors - Repair & Service Forums - . A tiny eriophyid mite causes the male flowers to develop A½ to 1 inch diameter tumor-like growths, which are the galls. Ash mites are too small to see without a hand lens or even a microscope. Ash flower galls are abnormal growths that are caused by insects, mites or plant diseases. They are worm-shaped and spend the winter under the buds of the new leaves and flowers and begin feeding in the spring. These mites can also cause leaves to distort as well ..More

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Deep Root Feeding Your Trees and Shrubs in Fall

Directory listing of professional contractors - Repair Company Blogs - . In most cases, the plants that we purchase at the local garden center or home improvement center are not native to where we live and where we decide to plant them. We often forget that our landscape plants need to be fed the same as our lawns. To make sure the plants will continue to grow and prosper, they need deep root feeding at least once a year, and fall is a good time to do so ..More

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